The ‘July Blues’ – How To Beat Them

IMG_2836We all know that Melbourne becomes a little gloomy when that winter chill hits, and this year we’re feeling it more than ever. The temperature is plummeting, taking our vitamin D source with it. Everyone starts to feel the weight of those grey clouds on their shoulders. If you’ve grown up in Melbourne, you’ll have a few tricks up your sleeve that make getting through the winter slog a little easier. The easiest way is to embrace it, and here are my suggestions how:

  • AFL – You may not usually be an avid follower of sports, but there’s nothing like attending an AFL game at the MCG in Winter to warm the blood. Despite the fact you’re seated in an outdoor stadium, the adrenaline you get from watching the game is always a sure way to kickstart a fire in your belly. Unless of course you attend a Bombers game, then you’re probably better off staying home. If you don’t already have a team, pick one for the season. Hint: Hawthorn always win. Their colours not to be confused with Richmond, who never win. Jump on the bandwagon, chuck on your winter coat and over-priced merchandise, grab yourself a pie and mid-strength beer. Am I selling it yet? Alternatively, you can pop into pretty much any pub and watch it. Indoors and full-strength beer. Winner.
    Tip: The hot jam doughnuts go on sale after the match.
  • Queen Victoria Winter Night Markets – Every Wednesday from 5.00pm – 10.00pm. Do yourself a favour and get down to these. The soup is outstanding – and it comes served in a giant bread roll. That’s enough to tempt me, but if you need a little more encouragement there’s live music every week – showcasing some of Melbourne’s top local acts.
    Tip: Get down early to snag yourself a good seat.
  • Bar-Hop – An obvious favourite. Melbourne is home to some of the most incredible bars, many of them the perfect cozy nook to settle into for the evening. It doesn’t matter which side of the city you are, there are a variety of options waiting for you.
    Here are some of my favourites:
    Eau De Vie, Gin Palace, Magic Mountain Saloon, Black Pearl, The Rum Diary Bar, Leonards House of Love, Katuk.
    Tip: Pace yourself.There’s always the weekend away at the snow, tearing up the slopes at Mt Bulla or Hotham, the winter enthusiasts way of embracing the cold. Despite the undeniable freeze factor that takes over the city, Melbourne remains the same exuberant and exhilarating city all year round – just choose your activities to suit the season.
    Tip: Just go to Europe.

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