What Still Stands..

Some of the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall, captured in July 2016.
IMG_2419For 28 years The Berlin Wall stood, completely dividing a nation – a separation that ran 28 miles long. 

IMG_2422IMG_2671 The parts of the wall that still remain are covered in artwork and graffiti, some with beautiful messages of peace and unity.IMG_2420IMG_2668 They stand as a constant reminder of such a large part of Berlin’s history – the divided society, followed by the reunification. A somber reminder of a difficult time for so many, and an opportunity for many foreigners to learn about Germany’s history. 
IMG_2652IMG_2415You can visit the longest section of the wall which lines part of the Spree River, known as the East Side Gallery. The infamous fall of the Berlin Wall was on the 9th November, 1989. 

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